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TSA Announces plans and procedures for resuming operations

Members are encouraged to read this document carefully, print it and carry it with you when at TSA. 

The COVID 19 pandemic is redefining many of our lifestyle choices. 

Unique requirements and recommendations are being taken to protect the health and safety of the population generally, and the vulnerable specifically.

Many of TSA members are in the high-risk category.  The board has studied the latest recommendations by the governor and will continue to monitor these.  

The recommendations will be driven by the course of the disease in society and may be further loosened or tightened in response to the prevailing conditions.  The board will respond accordingly.

It is not possible to guarantee that a member of TSA will not contract the disease from another member.  The procedures devised by the board are our best efforts to open TSA as safely as possible with the understanding that none of us can completely mitigate the risk.

It is incumbent on each member to follow the CDC guidelines, the state, and local guidelines and the procedures outlined herein.  It will require your good judgment and common sense into actions and interactions at the club.  Please err on the side of caution rather than risk.

Each individual comes to TSA to participate in a risky sport assuming the risk for all aspects of their participation.  In this extraordinary time, each member should review their risk profile and make their decision regarding acceptance of that risk.  

Non-compliance with the recommendations that are in effect is grounds for being asked to leave the club. A member observed not complying with these procedures, will have it brought to their attention.  If there is a second event, the member will be asked to leave the property immediately.  Each board member is authorized to take this action if necessary.  Your cooperation is both appreciated and expected.

Outline of procedures

  1. Due to COVID 19, TSA is open to members and immediate family members only

  2. Sign in—

    1. Each member will stop at the sign in table which will be visible on entry to the property.  

    2. COVID 19 Waiver (see Exhibit A-Waiver) will be executed on first visit

    3. Daily attendance sign in for contact purposes if a member reports illness

  3. Routine precautions and practices

    1. Don’t come to TSA if:

      1. You are sick

      2. Have been exposed to someone with Covid 19

      3. You are not willing to accept the risk that you might become infected at TSA  

      4. You are not willing to exercise common sense and practice CDC  and state guidelines and recommendations

      5. Masks are not required but members are encouraged to bring and wear their mask when in close contact with others or in close spaces such as hangars

      6. Social distancing is expected in line with current CDC guidelines

      7. Hand washing and sanitizer, 

        1. Bring and use your own hand sanitizers.  

        2. Frequently wash hands.

          1. Water hydrants and the patio outdoor sink are readily available.  You may also bring two water bottles, one with soap and another with water for rinsing.

      8. Only commercially available products will be used on club golf carts and gliders

      9. Report to a board member (see names and contact info below) if you become sick after coming to TSA

  4. Golf cart use

    1. Minimize use 

    2. One person per cart 

    3. Clean before and after use by wiping down touched surfaces with sanitizing products 

  5. Tow planes and tow pilots

    1. Maximum of two persons per day per plane

    2. Use personal headset

    3. Take personal precautions

    4. Sanitize before and after use per instruction card (Prepared by Mark)

  6. Gliders

    1. Club ships

      1. Reserve club ships prior to coming to TSA using Flight Circle app (see Exhibit B—Flight Circle below)  


        2. All pilots are responsible for scheduling rental of club ships  

        3. NOTE!  There will be a 2 hour charge for failure to turn in a tow ticket.   

        4. As a courtesy to other members, cancellations should be made  24 hours in advance 

      2. Parachutes are now optional.  Users should recognize that it is not possible to use cleaning products on them without damaging them.  Members are encouraged to bring their own seat cushion for padding and seat spacing.

      3. Sanitize club gliders before and after use per instruction card which reads:


The wrong chemicals in our gliders can cause very costly damage.  Use normal store bought hand wipes and sanitizing wipes.  No home brews with concentrations of bleach or alcohol.    No solvents!  Wipes should be damp and not dripping wet.

During preflight and after flying, sanitize surfaces that are normally touched such as canopy latch and rail (not the plexiglass!), stick grip, spoiler handle, release handle or knob, rudder pedal adjuster, landing gear handle, radio or instrument knob, air vent knob, armrests , and seat belt buckles.  With the exception of the plexiglass and instrument faces, anything you touch.

Do not sanitize:


Seat cushions/seat belts

Instrument or Radio faces

  1. Hand held radios and parachutes will be placed on the tables on the patio by the duty officer and should be returned after use.

    1. Ground handling, preferentially keep handling crew to two persons-cart driver and wing walker

    2. There will be no dual flights except for family members living in the same household

  1. Private ships

    1. Owners will use ground handling equipment and their personal vehicle to position on the flight line

  2. All ships will be returned to the hangar in same manner when there are no further scheduled users for the day

  3. Launch procedure

    1. The tow plane pilot will record the pilot’s name, member number and release altitude.

    2. Pilots flying club ships are responsible for filling out a blue ticket with the flight time and place it in the black box outside the clubhouse after landing.

    3. Failure to file the tow ticket including flight time on club ships will result in a one hour charge to the member.

    4. Pilots will secure themselves unassisted in the plane and close the canopy when they are prepared for the wing runner to connect them to the tow plane.

    5. The wing runner will then approach within six feet to connect the tow rope using the normal procedure.  

    6. As a courtesy, after returning from your flight, if you are able, assist in the launch of the aircraft it will be appreciated.  

  1. Flight Instruction

    1. Because there will be no dual flights until further notice there will be no instruction

    2. Similarly, there will be no Biennial Flight Reviews

    3. Those requiring instruction, student pilots, or needing a BFR and anyone wanting a ‘rusty’ pilot flight with an instructor are directed to Big Q Aviation.  Carol Walker has graciously agreed to work with TSA pilots as a commercial flight school and essential service. 

    4. The TSA requirement for 3 flights in the previous 90 days is waived in line with FAA requirements for currency (FAR 61.57)

Flight operations at TSA only take place due to the volunteer efforts of our members.  You will receive an email for signing up to SignUp Genius shortly.  Please respond by volunteering to either serve as the daily duty officer (responsible for sign in and compliance) or launch duty/wing runner (responsible for line chief activities and safe operations).

Other opportunities for volunteering during this time are grass cutting, weed eating, fire ant abatement and other necessary equipment maintenance.  In the tow plane hangar trash needs to be taken out, floors swept, oil pans repaired, general cleanup of tables, chairs, and equipment, planes washed, 42L parts repaired or prepped for painting.  Additionally we have two wind socks that need replacing.

You may contact a board member or John Barr, Paul Stiles, Tony Way to volunteer.

Board members contact information 

John Duke, President972 897 7099

Jerry Smith, President elect214 799 9889

Stephen Penca, Secretary817 637 5966

Michael Davis, Treasurer214 284 5748

Jacob Fairbairn817 727 0008

James Hollins469 328 9915

Stephen Hundley214 683 0104

Mark Keene214 725 6122

John Latson214 826 6492

Randy Lee254 784 0298

Collin Shea817 914 0689

Exhibit A--Waiver

Texas Soaring Association






Effective Date: May 1, 2020

After careful consideration, the Board of Directors of the Texas Soaring Association (“TSA”) has decided that limited flight activities can resume at this time. Going forward, TSA will operate within Governmental guidelines. Our priority is providing a safe flight environment that is consistent with Governmental guidelines.

In order to have access to the TSA facility each member and guest of a member must sign both the acknowledgment and agreement on this page as well as the WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT on the reverse (total of 2 signatures required). Temporary members who will be flying in a TSA aircraft must sign both this form and the TSA Application for Temporary Membership form (total of 3 signatures required). For any questions about this form or the TSA Covid-19 policy, please contact a TSA BOD member.


In consideration for being allowed to remain on TSA’s facility and to operate a glider or other aircraft during this time of Covid-19 related health emergency, I hereby make the following representations and statements regarding my current medical condition and agree to the following requirements.

  1. I agree that I am or will become knowledgeable about and will abide by all TSA and Local Covid-19 regulatory guidelines regarding separation and sanitation before participating in TSA flight activities.

  2. I will not attend or participate in activity at TSA if any of the following conditions apply:

    1. I have had exposure to any person with confirmed Covid-19 in the previous 14 days.

    2. I have traveled from a high-risk area for Covid-19 in the previous 14 days.

    3. I have any illness, fever, or cough.

    4. I have been diagnosed with Covid-19, without evidence of full recovery and being disease free.

  3. I will notify a member of the TSA Board of Directors if I become ill or am diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days of being at TSA.

Signed this __________day of ________________, 2020.


Signed NamePrinted Name




I understand that I have either previously signed or contemporaneously with executing this document have signed a Waiver and Indemnity Agreement as a condition of TSA membership in which I waived certain rights related to participating in or near flight activities at TSA. Without limiting that other Waiver and Indemnity Agreement, which remains in full force and effect, this document expressly waives my right to pursue claims against TSA should I become ill or die as a result of contracting Covid-19, the “flu” or other communicable illness following my presence at TSA or participating in TSA flight activities.


In consideration of my being permitted to be present at or to participate in flight activities at TSA, which consideration I agree is sufficient to induce me to sign this Waiver and Indemnity Agreement, on behalf of myself and on behalf of all my minor children that I may bring on or permit to be brought on or come on to the property of TSA and my and their respective executors, administrators, heirs and successors, I do give up forever all claims of any nature which I or they may have now or which may arise in the future against TSA that arise from or are connected in any way with any illness I or they may contract or which possibly may have been contracted as a result of exposure to the illness while at TSA. This waiver includes any claim against TSA for TSA's own negligence in allegedly failing to provide safe and sanitary equipment, clubhouse or operating environment.


I hereby agree to indemnify TSA and to hold harmless TSA for any and all losses, expenses, claims, and damages for personal injury, death, or property damage arising in any way, whether directly or indirectly, including out of or as a result of TSA’s own negligence, that may arise out of any illness I may contract or may have contracted or allege to have contracted as a result of my presence at TSA’s facilities or participation in flight activities at TSA, including use of TSA owned gliders or other aircraft.

I confirm that I have read and understand the whole of this waiver and indemnification agreement.

Signed this __________day of ________________, 2020.


Signed NamePrinted Name

Exhibit B Flight Circle

Using Flight Circle for TSA Fleet Reservations

TSA is using FlightCircle.com for fleet reservations for the time being until further notice. This is to both to help control the amount of people flying a ship for a given day, while also providing our members with a convenient way to schedule their flights, or to save them a trip out when all ships are reserved for the day. The website itself is extremely easy to navigate and below will explain how to create an account, reserve a flight, cancel a flight, and also the restrictions to the schedule and why they exist. 


  1. Click this link ->https://flightcircle.com/associate/44e4614ac184

  1. You should see this box, fill out your user information below, once done hit the “Let’s Go” button.

  2. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/SNHEjchvxwwLcEtNS3x8IrhY7_J_Ps3P8VwpwKlsvSRcDoCqiEgxQFiibQ28PAOZ6Wk47sxvWQeuPfQ3QhONHg0uS2IMCoN2oMORv4bi9NaI55lPHa2pdQQV1UD6p0VilUs68mcb

  3. After hitting “Let’s Go” your browser should redirect you to a new page, you will get a notification saying your account must be approved. 

  4. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/BGrbnhnqxJWsO3xbz8nRcb-fNwvXPoaC3LWnr2UOkYffU0IUXam07KG3YrqvEVMPCOTU1yUAT1ScUr9cXLzQFk0660rQNyaRxH9hguCychjp5vs9QynBOEsOYbsaLp6uD4YWGD0E


  6.  Once your account is approved you will receive an email notifying you. 


  1.  Once approved you may now start scheduling flights, there are a few things to note before scheduling. 

    1. You may not schedule more than 4 days in advance 

    2. For the time being, flight reservations MUST be 2 hours long

    3. Those 2 hour reservations must be scheduled to start at either 10 AM, 12PM, 2PM, or 4PM

    4. You may not book a reservation to be multiple days 

    5. You can only`schedule on Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays

    6. You may not book between 6PM-10AM

  1. Go to flightcircle.com and push the “Welcome Back!” button. Next, login with your email and password and you will be directed to the main page.

  2. The main page for Fight Circle is the schedule of the current dayhttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/3rRwl7ZCbo8AAUp-9qbnKCFDMWIgiNaWfTE7oi9m78oBJc4ZkMMXqlBxsDuQEVP6MhYFZ-baDI6vrj83uPPQLEd1hE-5KQ03PJ6cVPDelXSiPG6KvDWPYNkdZOC3y965ki8xq168You may switch between days using the arrow in the top left of the schedule, or click the calendar icon and select the date you desire. 

    1. You may also change how you view the calendar by clicking the “Views” button in the top right of the schedule, you can pick your desired preference. 

  1. Once on your desired date you may view what the schedule currently looks like. Any space that is not occupied with a blue box, is open for your choosing. 

  2. After finding an aircraft and time slot available for it, simply click anywhere in that aircrafts row and you should have a box appear that looks like the one below

    1. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/05lQnEJi9twLtvtTnGgOfAvPOUL6j050XD_JmXpIyhEJz5j1yz9BJVj2xBPeEJ44cXRmY6Tg1GJVZ9PdbEus1BEqHZVpHxnX2NJrFwQCJZwd8qbwfCfs2A-m4kCEL_VqytWfgpZx

  1. Keep Reservation Type as “Primary”, confirm the date and time as well as the aircraft, and hit save! 

  1. Remember the schedule restrictions!  

  2. You may not schedule more than 4 days in advance 

  3. For the time being, flight reservations MUST be 2 hours long

Those 2 hour reservations must be scheduled to start at either 10 AM, 12PM, 2PM, or 4PM

    1. You may not book a reservation to be multiple days 

    2. You can only`schedule on Thursdays, Saturdays, or Sundays

    3. You may not book between 6PM-10AM

  1. You are now on the schedule and should receive a confirmation email as well as a 24 hour reminder the day before your selected date. 

  2. If you receive an error after hitting save, please read the information it provides. It will explain how to resolve the issue. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/wLdZrtAw110l8VR3__6VF-nruenQdyNPOtr-24GARnq5jYCZIsKM2DBh0ZLAEYVgEZ7-1ESFbTWdv0CTQ5FknwkDcTFlNWgZlp1CdDDUrIlEf87jtwg4UudxOyqMqVzJXgM_tmqo

  1. As you can see here, for the user to fix these problems. He must change his start time to either 10,12,2,4, or 6 o’clock AND change the date to either Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

Canceling a Reservation


  1. To cancel a reservation you have made simply navigate to the day you wish to cancel, click your blue reservation box with your name on it, two options should appear. One saying “Edit” and the other saying “Cancel”

  1. Click “Cancel”, a box should then appear confirming the reservation details, click the red “Cancel Reservation” button again, it will then ask for a reason. Choose from one of the options in the drop down. If you use the “Other” option you must write a reason in notes. Once done, hit the red “Yes” button. Your reservation is now canceled.

It is recommended that you save flightcircle.com as a bookmark on your browser for simple access. 

How to make a shortcut to your iPhone desktop

  1. You can make a desktop icon on your iPhone or iPad for easy access.

a.Go to flightcircle.com and push “Welcome Back” to log in, once on    the schedule page hit the box and arrow icon on the bottom of your screen.

  1. Then push the “Add to Home Screen” button 

  2. Next push “Add” in the top right corner 

  3. You should now see the FlightCircle app icon on your iPhone or iPads desktophttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/mCe8kfmrlQlRttZ4XwV4kvorJVatZgTiyRHvYAx_JP-u-sq9i6z614bmI1pfEruxAI_JNHj6bEJz2MXelqJ5GFqX8S8oEdGSWMsbQqvNagG8D51ADV0byUPxolG_HleVXJN3U_YXhttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/Kua5GW7ERUat7xpRzLcghUk3fdTk2aS3iVZrI29DuKRvHLevlBWaTWsF0dtZuWaDU1ApHgPLeUOKjFHZSVh3nLpr8-KSvUV1Knx6V7oL3K0YPeABxXeLKX_QKiKK8RvHMysyPmps


If you run into any problems please contact Collin Shea at 817-914-0689 or soartexas@gmail.com 



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