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To all,

Covid 19 Protocol for operations at TSA

No one taking a breath is unaware of the emerging public health pandemic.  As all organizations and individuals struggle to come to grips with the rapidly changing situation in the interest of protecting and keeping safe our most valued asset-our club members, your board has addressed this by developing the following protocols which are in line with current recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (TDOH)

 First and foremost, the risk at present is very low. We will all be best served if we remain calm and use a common sense approach.  Maintaining vigilance as the situation develops is a key to our response and well- being.  

The key point to be aware of is that everything is changing daily and the recommendations will as well.  To that end, please monitor developments and recommendations through the links to the following sites and respond accordingly. Our members are intelligent, and if they want to avoid ANY risk, do not come to TSA.

Any member who does not feel 100%, should stay away- this is common sense- if you have a cough, fever, feel bad- do not risk others- shouldn't be flying any way.


Texas Health and Human Services--Covid 19

TDOH Updates-Latest information for Texas

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Situation Summary

CDC Statistics and Case Map


There are currently (0700 3/13/20) 24 confirmed individuals in Texas and no reported deaths.



As of March 13, 2020

  • Groups less than 50 ok

  • Wash hands!!!!  Vigorously with soap and water and for 20 seconds MINIMUM

  • No handshaking 

  • If ill stay home and self isolate for 14 days

  • Avoid contact with ill people 

  • Anyone with travel from Group 3 country self isolation for 2 weeks  (Group 3 countries)

  • Wash common use surfaces with disinfectant 

Recommendations for TSA


  • Continue Ops as normal—self certify that you are fit to fly

  • Clubhouse and equipment needs cleaning before and after use with disinfectant on common use surfaces.

  • No one should come to TSA if they are ill even with mild symptoms. 

  • No handshaking 

  • Limit group gathering  <50 (we are working on plans for our spring Safety meeting for the protection of members)

  • Each member should be advised that it is rapid changing and that they should monitor the CDC and Texas Dept Health (see links above and check before coming to the club)


  • Members traveling from high risk areas or Group 3 countries are requested / obligated to voluntarily quarantine themselves from TSA for a minimum of 2 weeks. 

  • Any member who does not feel 100%, should stay away- this is common sense- if you have a cough, fever, feel bad- do not risk others- shouldn't be flying any way.

  • Please use hand sanitizer around the clubhouse areas, for personal use.

  • In line with our normal understanding as members, we utilize the club and its facilities at our own risk-   

Your board will continue to monitor developments and regularly re-evaluate, and react as indicated.

We are very fortunate that, providentially, your board has two medical doctors who are actively engaged in and aware of the latest information and efforts to protect and preserve the health of the public.  They have brought their expertise to the development of our plans to protect the membership of TSA to the best of our ability while safely retaining the sport and activity we all enjoy so much.




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